Escape to a hidden paradise

Stay in the heart of one of the world’s best surf spots. Nosara is a village on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. Here, you can experience the while beauty of jungles, pristine beaches with fresh food and a healthy lifestyle. 

Nosara is a world away from built-up hotel complexes and crowded beaches. It’s rugged, untouched, natural beauty. Surfers, yogis and sun seekers are drawn to the paradise of Playa Guiones, where the jungle, the beach and the ocean meet.

No shoes, no shirt, no problems

Discover whatever your heart desires in Nosara, where local excursions, exquisite restaurants, healthy juice bars and stunning views await you. Visit the local healing center, take a sunset kayak tour, join a meditation class or take a surf lesson. Whether you’re looking to unwind, connect, relax or adventure, Nosara has plenty to offer short and long-term visitors.

The ideal location for friends, families, couples and digital nomads.

Best time to visit

During the dry season (mid-November to April) weather conditions are favorable with less rainfall, giving you the chance to experience the full magic of Nosara.

Pura Vida in the Blue Zone: peace, health, and vitality

Nosara is nestled on the Nicoya Peninsula, as is famous for being one of only 5 Blue Zones in the world.

These Blue Zones are where people live longer and happier lives than anywhere else on earth because of the healthy, peaceful and spiritual lifestyles they offer. The five pillars of life in the Blue Zone are community, access to nature, spirituality, healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

1 – Connection & community

Nosara draws families, digital nomads and people looking for a conscious lifestyle aligned with nature. Discover and connect with yourself and each other in a like-minded and soulful community.

In tranquil Nosara, many people rise with the sun to make the most of a 6am surf or early morning yoga sun salutation.

A monkey sits on a branch and holds a piece of wood in his hand.
2 – Nature & regeneration

Abundant in untouched beauty, Nosara’s jungle, rivers and nature reserves offer dazzling scenery and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural world. Costa Rica is famous for its wildlife conservation and Nosara is home to Initiatives like the SIBU Sanctuary, which rescues and rehabilitates animals like the Coadimundi and white-faced monkeys. Further north in Playa Ostional there is even a nesting site for Olive Ridley turtles.

Go with the flow and paddle or kayak through the mangroves and get up close with the Rio Montana and Rio Nosara rivers while spotting exotic birds.

3 – Yoga culture & spiritual practices

Nosara has long been recognized as the yoga and spiritual capital of Costa Rica. Yoga and meditation is a central part of the local culture.

The tranquil surroundings of Nosara are ideal for those who want to switch off and reconnect with themselves. Virtually every school of yoga can be found here, with a variety of yoga retreats and classes for beginners and lifelong yogis.

Surfing the perfect wave
4 – Stay active & surf the perfect wave

Playa Guiones is one of the world’s best surf spots. Consistent waves provide the perfect break for both beginners and more experienced surfers. The stable, calm conditions make Nosara one of the top 5 places to learn to surf in the world where the soft curve of the bay creates glassy green waves that consistently roll in.

Stay in Quin Surf Residence and soak up the healthy lifestyle in this legendary Costa Rican surf zone.

A cereal bowl with lots of delicious fruits.
5 – Delicious & nutritious food

Nourish your body and mind with Costa Rica’s delicious, healthy and fresh food. From raw plant-based dishes, gluten-free vegan burgers or green smoothies to grass fed Argentinian beef steaks, artisan Italian pizza or a typical Costa Rican Casado, Nosara caters to every taste.

Take the winding road to Nosara or a short scenic flight

Just 159 miles from San Jose, and 80 miles from Liberia, the road to Nosara is scenic and rugged. Watch beautiful, endless green scenery roll past your window and be more amazed with every mile. The overland journey truly offers a sense of adventure in a 4-wheel drive SUV, tough enough to take on the rugged road.

If you prefer, you can take a short flight from a number of locations around Costa Rica to Nosara airport and take in breathtaking landscapes from the skies above.

Crossing a river in an SUV. Adventure on Nosara's roads.